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Crimes of Violence Against Women

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

UMT School of Law,  'Crimes of Voilence Against' training began with the introductory note by Ms. Khusbaqt Kaiser. The event was moderated by Ms. Aisha Ayub and the honoury guest Was Ms. Valeria Khan.

Ms. Valeria focused on the International framework on crimes of violence against women. She also discussed the national framework for violence against women in Pakistan. Primarily the discussion was based upon the loopholes and Lacunas of the acid Violence and Domestic Violence legislations . The violence stemming from social,  institutional and structural sources were discussed. The nuances of weak Justice system hampering access to justice to women were also brought up. The gender disparity in state policy during pandemic was discussed in relation to Rising number of domestic violence cases.   The way forward to curb these crimes based on a community based approach and state based ADR were also proposed.  

The speaker eloquently responded to participants' queries during the Q&A session.  
Ms. Aisha Ayub delivered the end note of the webinar.

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