Board of Faculty

Syed Imad-ud-Din Asad
[LL.M. (Harvard); Advocate, High Court; Associate Professor and Founding Director, UMT School of Law and Policy]

Faiqa Ibrahim
[LL.M. (McGill); Advocate, High Court]
Assistant Professor

Nadia Ahmad
[LL.M. (Michigan); Member, New York State Bar]
Assistant Professor

Hiba Akbar
[LL.M. (Columbia); Advocate, High Court]

Zuneera Azhar    
LL.B. (LUMS): Pakistan.

Rana Sajjad Ahmed
[LL.M. (Columbia); Member of the New York Bar; Advocate, High Court]

Haider Ashraf 
[M.A. (Columbia); Senior Superintendent of Police, Police Service of Pakistan]

Ehsan Ullah Bajwa
[LL.M. (London); Bar-at-Law (Inner Temple); Deputy Inspector General, Police Service of Pakistan]

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