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Higher Education Commission sponsors GTLE

Monday, July 09, 2012

On 09 July 2012, Higher Education Commission approved a grant of Rs.709000.00 for the conference on clinical and experiential learning that will be hosted by Center for Law and Policy on 11 August 2012. The conference is the first of a series of conferences, titled “Global Trends in Legal Education,” that was conceived by Syed Imad-ud-Din Asad [LL.M. (Harvard); Founder and Director, Center for Law and Policy] in March 2012.

In fact, Professor Asad was inspired by the discussions that took place at Global Legal Education Forum that was held on 23-24 March 2012 at Harvard Law School. The Forum examined the question of global legal education using a range of regional, local, professional, and academic perspectives. A lot of the ideas and arguments presented at the Forum were also very relevant to the current situation in Pakistan. Consequently, in order to expose Pakistani legal academics and other relevant entities to the latest trends in legal education across the globe, Professor Asad, who was the only delegate from Pakistan at the Forum, came up with the idea of GTLE.

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