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Second summer program at University of Antwerp

Sunday, August 20, 2017

As part of the ongoing collaboration between University of Antwerp (UA) and UMT School of Law and Policy (SLP), UA offered another summer program for SLP students from 20 August 2017 to 02 September 2017. Following are the brief details:
1.    The program was titled “Companies Crossing Borders”;
2.    UA invited 09 SLP students and their academic supervisor to participate in the program;
3.    SLP students were registered as UA students and received library access and all other facilities offered to regular UA students;
4.    UA offered the program free-of-cost to SLP students, i.e., SLP students did not pay any fee to UA;
5.    European and North American students also participated in the program and paid the fee to UA, i.e., it was not free-of-cost for them; and
6.    UA awarded certificates to SLP students.

On behalf of UA, Professor Dr. Robby Houben organizes and conducts the program each year. UA offered the first summer program to SLP students in 2016. The arrangement regarding the summer program was first finalized by Syed Imad-ud-Din Asad [Founding Director, SLP] and Dr. Dirk Vanheule [Dean, Faculty of Law, UA] in 2015.

SLP is the only law school in Pakistan that regularly offers such academic and cultural opportunities to its students.

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