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Talk by Dr. Khalid Ranjha

Tuesday, November 10, 2020

UMT School of Law, hosted a seminar  on 'Enforcement of Fundamental Rights in Pakistan'.  The event was moderated by Ms. Kushbaqt Qaiser and  Welcome Note was given by Dr. Usman Hameed. The honorary guest Was Dr. Khalid Rhanja.

Dr Khalid Ranjha enlightened the students about various fundamental rights enshrined in the constitution. He spoke about right to information, right to education and right to fair trial and how these rights can be enforced. For certain rights like right to property he suggested that deprivation of property should be criminalised and until this is done this right will not be enforced. It was emphasized by him that fundamental rights exist but the inherent problem lies in its enforcement.

The speaker eloquently responded to participants' queries during the Q&A session.  
Ms. Kushbaqt Qaiser delivered the end note of the Seminar.

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