SLP Law Clinic

School of Law and Policy (SLP) Law Clinic is a clinical legal education programme designed to introduce our students to real-life legal issues that are prevalent in our society. 


The primary objective of the Law Clinic is to train our students to provide pro bono legal services, including advising and counselling, to people who need legal advice and representation but cannot afford it. 

Research and Training.
SLP Law Clinic aims to develop diversified ways of engaging and contributing to the society by training its students. Whereas, pro bono legal services to members of the society constitute a major part of the Law Clinic’s work, the Law Clinic shall also undertake essential research, both qualitative and quantitative, on prevalent social-legal and socio-political issues and publish its working papers. In addition, the Law Clinic, regularly, publishes reports on laws which are both promulgated as well those which are about to be promulgated in order to determine the efficacy of such laws.

Areas of Legal opinion and Practical Training.
  • SLP Law Clinic trains students to provide advice and services in the following areas:
  • Family Laws
  • Employment & Labour Law
  • Contract Law
  • Human rights Law
  • Consumer Rights Law
  • Public Law matters
  • Cyber Law
  • Environmental Law
  • Criminal Law
(all legal aspects of cases dealing with the above).


Dr. Kashif Imran Zaidi (Acting Director SLP)


Ms. Khushbakht Qaiser

Executive Members:

Ms. Sunbal Islam Ch.
Ms. bakhtawar Manzoor

Law Firms/ Partners of SLP Law Clinic.

SLP has entered into partnership with the law firms and community organisations under the supervision of the clinic’s faculty, law students provide advice, representation for low-income community members who might not otherwise have access to justice.  This also includes providing legal opinions, negotiating settlements, drafting legal documents, representing them at hearings and trials, and providing community workshops. A few are as follows;

1. Barrister Salman Safdar Law Associates.
2. Justice Project Pakistan.
3. Qaiser & Abbas Attorneys and Counsellers.
4. Legal Aid Society.
5. Free Legal Aid Society for The Helpless.
6. Helping the Helpless.

Contact us at: 

[email protected]

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