SLP Law Society


SLP Law Society

SLP Law School Law Society is one of the largest societies at the University of Management and Technology Lahore. They host a variety of events throughout the academic year ensuring that all students of law, get the most out of their university experience.

The SLP Law Society is a volunteer student association which seeks to enhance the social, academic, and professional experiences of all students enrolled in the faculty of Law at School of Law and Policy by serving as an integral link between students, the law industry and The Law Faculty. The Law Society aims to inspire and support members who aspire to work in the legal profession by providing students with opportunities to network and improve their academic abilities and knowledge of the law. They also offer students fun, enjoyment and the opportunity of making new friends and socializing with like-minded individuals.

To foster a collective student community spirit, we host a variety of informal and formal social events which give students a chance to connect and network with each other, and legal community stakeholders.

Law Society provides students with the opportunity to participate in a diverse range of extra-curricular activities including National and International Moot competitions, community service projects, internal and external firm sponsored legal competitions and information events with real world professionals.

In addition to conducting an extensive educational and professional development seminar and support program, we produce publications such as our Careers Guide and First Year Guide to assist students in their transition to tertiary education and professional practice by providing a succinct career pathway and guidance resource. 



How to join.

The Law Society conducts interviews twice in one semester and the preliminary interviews are conducted by the Cabinet. Once the sessions are complete then the patron and advisor of law society interview the shortlisted participants.


             Dr. Kashif Imran Zaidi (Acting Director SLP)


             Ms. Khush Bakht Qaiser

Cabinet Members 2021-2022

President. Muhammad Abdullah

General Secretary. Muhammad Bilal Usmani

Vice President. Mustafa Khan, Agha Muhammad Ghazal



Law Society members 2021-2022

  • Muhammad Ahmed Saleem
  • Ali Haider
  • Bisma Awan
  • Faizan Saeed
  • Ghazi Khan
  • Hajra Eman
  • Hamna Basharat
  • Hassan Ali
  • Khuzaima Jamsheed
  • Motiba Ijaz
  • Natasha Sohail
  • Qamar
  • Nimra
  • Talha Saeed
  • Wasif Sajjad
  • Adiy Hassan Khan
  • Ali Zain
  • Abdul Wahab
  • Usman Khan

What’s Planned in 2022.

  1. National Moot Competitions.
  2. Inter-departmental debating competitions.
  3.  Law Clinic Drive. (free consultancy)
  4. International Conference.

Contact us:

[email protected]



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